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Waryong Market PBproducts
Waryon gMarket PBproducts

Waryong Market promotes differentiated market image unique to Waryong Market through the development of specialized PB products, and strengthens the market viability through the sale of specialized products.

In response to growing citizens' interest in health and the need for well-being foods, we are working with Daegu Techno Park Korea Prevention Center to develop differentiated health drinks such as healthy red ginseng coffee and Yongan Yuk Ade for students. We will also sell souvenirs such as mugs with a market logo as a specialized design product in the market, and strive to enhance product competitiveness.

 [red ginseng coffee]

Red ginseng is one of the most representative health foods in Korea, and it is known to be effective for fatigue and blood flow improvement. To make healthy red ginseng more popular, coffee and red ginseng combined with red ginseng are loved by many customers for its unique representative health drink.

red ginseng
differentiation mark judgment importance note
medicated part root   ★★★  
external special feature spindle shape or cylindrical shape   ★★★  
ength 3~10cm, diameter 1~2cm    
facies extraplasmica light brown~reddish brown   ★★  
translucent   ★★★  
Vertical wrinkles and root trace   ★★★ 1
Short rhizome slightly deformed in the head(rhizome site)   ★★ 2
warp side Flat, horny and with one layer of formation   ★★★  
smell Peculiar smell    
taste Slightly sweet at first and little bit later bitter   ★★  
texture Quality is hard   ★★★  
notes ※ Landing is misappropriation and misuse of red ginseng, but it is easily distinguished due to the multi-layered concentric pattern on the cross section.

 [Longanae Arillus ade]

Longanae Arillu is round and its shape is similar to that of dragon's eyes, so it is named Yongan's meat. Insensitivity, such as anxiety, nervousness, and memory is known to be effective for stressful housewives or study students are especially effective. It is a health drink that can be eaten easily and deliciously as an ADE form of drink combined with carbonic acid by using sweet and sour meat.

Longanae Arillus
differentiation mark judgment importance note
medicated part Bark seed shell      
whole shape Vertically torn irregular flakes, usually several sticky    
When immersed in water, it forms 3 ~ 4 pieces of petals and is light yellowish brown.   ★★★  
texture Soft and sticky      
size Length 2 ~ 4cm, Width 1 ~ 2cm, Thickness 2 ~ 4mm    
color The outer surface is dark reddish brown to black brown and translucent   ★★★  
facies extraplasmica One side is wrinkled and uneven, the other side is shiny and vertically wrinkled    
smell Peculiar smell      
taste sweetness      
notes ㆍ Oil should not float on water when immersed in water. (Palm oil is applied to prevent tangling, which is not good because palm oil is rancid)
ㆍ When the dragon's meat is called in water, the shape is revived in a white sphere like grapes.
ㆍ Good pieces are thick, soft, moist, translucent and sweet.