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About Waryong
※ Dalseo-gu Regional Base Market Waryong Market

Waryong Market, located in Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City, derives its name from the nearby Waryongsan Mountain.

Located in the central business district where the apartment complex of Seongseo area is concentrated, it has excellent back right, subway line 2 passes, numerous bus routes are operated, and 100 parking spaces are installed in the Waryong Park underground public parking lot.

In 2011, the arcade development project was completed through the facility modernization project, and after the collaboration project in 2015 and the alley market development project in 2016, it was selected as the culture tourism type market promotion project by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business in 2019, and the culture and tourism were combined. It is changing to a tourism specialty market.

1994 year Opened Waryong Market

2011 year Completed facility modernization project (arcade completion)

2015 year Completed collaborative business

2016 year Selected as an alley market development business (Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business)

2018 year Completed Waryong Park underground public parking lot

2019 year Selected as a culture tourism market promotion project (Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business)

2019 year Completed Waryong Market Customer Support Center

Market store report

Waryong Member Store 119ea

업종 점포수 취급품목
Meat/Seafood 14 -Beef / pork butcher
-Fisheries specialty store
-Raw chicken store
Fruits/Vegetable/Grain 14 -Vegetable shop, fruit shop, grain shop, etc.
Processed food/Side dish/Bakery 18 -Dried fish shop, salted fish shop, side dish shop
-Bakery, mill, bakery
Cafe/Restaurant 27 -Barley rice, jokbal, snack, foreign restaurant, etc.
Fashion/Underwear 22 -Shoes, clothing, repair shop, underwear, bag
Beauty Products/Fashion Items 8 - Hair salon, cosmetics shop, beauty shop
Living goods/Mart 16 -Foreign foodstuff store, supermarket, foreign foodstuff mart, 50,000 kinds
-Furniture, duvets, bowls, hardware stores, florists

Address 40-3, Seongseoseo-ro 69-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
TEL : 053) 582-2604 / FAX : 053) 588-5656
ㆍ(Weekday) AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00
ㆍ(Lunch) PM 12:00~ PM 01:00
ㆍ(Closed) holiday